BIZ Corporate clothing specials

We are currently overstocked with numerous BIZ Corporate lines and therefore you may be lucky to purchase these quality garments at a discount of 30%.   Limited stock available.

Garments include:


Black Pant – 10117 Cool Stretch Plain slim leg pant

Black Skirt – 20111 Cool Stretch Relaxed Fit lined skirt

Black Jacket  – 60111 Cool Stretch short-mid length jacket

Charcoal jacket  – 64012 Comfort Wool Stretch longline jacket (size 12 & 14 only)

Charcoal Jacket  – 64011 Comfort Wool Stretch short-mid length jacket(size 26 only)




Black Pant – 70113 Cool Stretch Plain Suiting slimline pant

Black Pant – 70112 Cool Stretch Plain Suiting flat front pant (size 107 only)

Black Pant – 70114 Cool Stretch Plain Suiting adjustable waist pant (size 117 only)

Black Jacket – 80113 Cool Stretch Plain Suiting slimline jacket

Black Jacket – 80111 Cool Stretch Plain Suiting 2-button jacket